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Attraktionen in Rewal und Niechorze

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In Niechorze there is a marina used by the local fishermen. Fishermen on  their boats often offer fresh fish, and it is always worth taking a walk to the marina and watch the picturesque boats waiting on the beach for fishing again.

During your stay you can go for a walk or a bike ride because there are two marked hiking trails that run here: The Luzia River Trail - circular, It starts and ends before the narrow-gauge railway station and the E9 Seaside Trail named after Ph.D. Czesław Piskorski (Świnoujście - Kołobrzeg).

Niechorze is a typical fishing village. Its most interesting viewpoint and attraction is the lighthouse built in 1866.

In Niechorze  is the Sea Fisheries Museum, which shows them all interesting facts from the profession of a fisherman and allows you to get to know the Pomeranian culture. Located here is also the railway station of the Gryficka Narrow-Gauge Railway, where for guests and the youngest holidaymakers arrives narrow-gauge train called "ciuchcia Retro", running from Gryfice to coastal villages of Rewal municipality.

Niechorze is a holiday resort with a lot of holiday centers, boarding houses, guest rooms and campsites. The seaside shore boasts a large and clean sandy beach and a high cliff in one of the bays with a beautiful historic lighthouse.

Niechorze is a seaside resort and spa town in northwestern Poland, located in the Gryfice County, in Rewal municipality. The town is located between the Baltic Sea coast in the north and Lake Liwia-Łuża in the south.

It is also a great opportunity to see the ruins of the church in Trzęsacz - a place where the sea literally carries away the church built on top of a high cliff shore. The monumental, last remaining wall of the Gothic church rises just above the escarpment, although in the 15th century the church stood in the middle of the village, supposedly about 2 km from seashore.

Through Rewal also passes Narrow Gauge Railway. This is a great opportunity to go with the whole family or friends on an unforgettable summer trip with a historic train and see the area around Rewal - children will remember this ride with cries on their faces. This unique locomotive operates on the route Pogorzelica - Trzęsacz - Gryfice.

An attraction of Niechorze is a historic lighthouse - built over 130 years ago. It has been functioning almost continuously since 1866. Currently, a special 1000 W bulb is used, whose light can be seen from a distance of 20 nautical miles (about 36 km). The lighthouse is 45 m high and can be climbed after buying a ticket on site.

Anyway, Rewal boasts not only unique views stretching from the top of the cliff, but also a wonderful microclimate. It is a well-kept small town with many nice green areas. You will find many attractions here: a funfair, a Retro-Express train, fish fry, cafes.

Apropos of the beach and our kids, with a bit of luck on the beach you can meet well-known in Rewal and perfectly befriended with people Depka seal. Let's remember that Depka is a very friendly animal but do not abuse its hospitality - you can take a picture with her but let's not disturb her peace too much.

And in the evenings the beach is a great place for strolling. Don't forget to take a walk, watch the fishing boats returning or going out to catch fish - a great opportunity to buy fresh fish, just caught. Watching the boats will also be an attraction for the youngest.

On the other hand, the beach itself is a great place to relax. Everyone who likes to relax by lying on the sand and sunbathing will find here a quiet place for themselves. However, amateurs of sports (water and not only) can realize in for those willing to do so, there are water sports equipment rentals, as well as bicycles.

Rewal is a seaside resort town and one of the most popular seaside holiday resorts. The town is situated on a cliff shore with a wide beach at the foot of it. Thanks to this position, it prides itself on captivating seaside views from the observation deck at the top.

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